Sample Warranty

Our warranty is based on the simple assumption that

“…a properly installed roof should not leak for its expected lifetime”. 

In our climate the average life expectancy of a roof is approximately 12 to 20 years depending on the type and weight of the roof to be installed and the weather conditions during the lifetime of the roof.

Simply stated, “If we install a roof and the roof leaks due to our improper installation whether it is 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or 20, we will repair it at no cost to the home owner.  This is a warranty of the house and not the original purchaser of our services and carries over to new owners if the house is sold.

This is a craftsmanship only warranty. the Lifetime Roofer’s Guild is not responsible for acts of God, such as hail nor wind damage & flying debris, nor leaks caused by leaf debris, etc., in gutters or roof channels and valleys, nor is the Lifetime Roofer’s Guild responsible for any other company’s work or any individual damaging our installation or any manufacturer’s specified or implied product warrantees.

The only requirement is that any and all additional roofing work such as skylights, remodel roofing or repairs (not the responsibility of the Lifetime Roofer’s Guild (as specified above) must be done by the Lifetime Roofer’s Guild or this warranty is null and void. A  yearly roof inspection to clean gutters and debris from the roof as well as visually inspect the general condition of the roof is strongly recommended and we can provide the  service at a modest cost.

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